Who we are

An Irish startup company , based in the heart of Dublin City, working on B2B computer vision software products and providing services for our customers.  Virtually, any product that has a camera, needs our software!

Our current product concept is Computer Vision Software Development Kit (SDK) for embedded platforms connected to camera equipment to be used in Automotive (ADAS)  and Robotics markets. You can find out more about it here and view demo videos here.

Why us

Right team: 

      We are a well-rounded team that has technology expertise backed up with entrepreneurship experience.  We are flexible, open and available to discuss our customer's needs and expectations. 

      We are striving to provide a  timely solution to our customers and we are capable of doing it.  We are the experts operating in well known "waters" of technology:  we know what is required to deliver and how to create a product that will make a real difference.

      We have a passion about what we do, ability to create a “buzz” and inspire people.

Right time: 

      We have a unique product which is well demanded on today's market. 

      The technology behind it is solid and demand for it will only increase in the foreseeable future.

Right product: 

      Our product makes a real difference - it's unique, innovative, exportable and brings a smart, low power, embedded vision technology into our everyday life.

      Our product is a cut above the rest and well demanded.

      It's development requires a rare blend of R&D and engineering expertise you won't find elsewhere.